Rustic Wall Sconces for Farmhouse Wall Decor


One key aspect of a farmhouse look is cozy lighting. Try out these Rustic Wall Sconces if you’d like to refresh your home with some farmhouse wall decor.

These sconces are an easy way to add charm to any room that needs a refresh. Tiny twinkling lights dance inside a mason jar with a decorative hydrangea flower blooming out the top.

Placed neatly on a grey wooden plank that hangs from twine string, these decorative sconces are a simple way to complement any room. They’re small, neat, and they easily blend with the existing decor. Plus they make a great gift for any occasion – they’re so versatile that anyone will love them.

They have a bright glow that could light up your doorstep, porch, or even a cozy indoor space. The twinkly lights paired with the nature aspect make these lights great for the farmhouse style.

The set includes two mason jars, two LED light strips, two pieces of reclaimed wood, and two hydrangea flowers. It’ll be a fun DIY project too to put it together!

It’s a quaint accent for any room. Plus the option for customization and making it your own is an exciting feature. Reviewers say it’s a great finishing touch for farmhouse wall decor.

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