Decorative Metal Tree of Life


This metal tree of life is a beautiful piece of farmhouse wall decor. Not only is it a unique way to add decoration to your walls, but it’s a universal symbol. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth as its roots drive deep into the ground and its branches stretch to the sky. From Israel to France, it’s a widely recognized symbol with potential to be a conversation starter. This metal decoration hangs tight to the wall, as it doesn’t actually need a hanger. A few nails in the right spot will do the trick! Plus, the nails blend in with the metal tree so there’s no extra pieces around the decoration. It comes with a weather-proof coating that keeps it from rusting for as long as possible. This piece of decor lets you choose the look; if you find it starts to rust and you enjoy the rural style, you can leave it. If you’d like the piece to stay shiny, you can spray it with enamel once a year to keep it looking new. This beautiful piece of farmhouse wall decor is handmade by artists in Haiti. It’s authentic from the day the artists start to make it to the time you hang it on your wall.

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