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The Ultimate Farmhouse Table Buying Guide

Dining tables are an integral element of home decor. It is probably one of the most abused parts of the house where people spend most of their time interacting with the family. This is the place where you host your friends and make memories with them.

A farmhouse style table is like the Meryl Streep of dining tables. Its timeless, tasteful, and can rock absolutely any dining space. Today, there are plenty of stores that flaunt farmhouse styled tables of every size and price. But before you get mesmerized by its good looks, there are a few points you must consider.

Selecting the Right Wood 

The most important decision you have to make while choosing a farmhouse table is the type of wood. Reclaimed wood like pine and oak are the most common choices for farmhouse tables. They are comparatively cheaper than hardwood. Maple and new pine wood give a classic look without too many fine details. On the other hand, oakwood has gorgeous grains that can be stained or waxed to get a luxurious feel. These are on the pricier side, but look deliciously charming!

Pay Attention to the Base

There are two major types of bases in farmhouse tables; legs and pedestals or trestles. Farmhouse harvest tables are the most sophisticated tables with tapered legs. They provide a comparatively modern look to space due to non-decorative, straight legs. Farmhouse tables with legs offer more stability since the weight gets distributed evenly on the four sides.

Pedestal bases are commonly found in smaller circular or rectangular tables. The single pedestal tables have an old-time charm and look elegant. But as the table gets larger, they tend to rock down in the direction where force is applied. Hence, these farmhouse tables should be constructed with heavy and thick pedestal to avoid any tumbling action.

Trestle tables look primitive and very original to the farmhouse style. Back in the days, trestle tables were nothing but a wooden plank kept on two piles of crates. Later, when the top became more elaborate, a stretcher was introduced to stabilize the table.

Check the Holes 

Old farmhouse table tops tend to have imperfections in the form of holes that are developed when the nails are taken off. This provides a unique texture to the table and makes it look raw and original. But if you are planning to eat on it, make sure you get rid of the gaps and holes. The fewer holes it will have, the easier it would be for you to clean the dirt and crumbs.

Apron Style Tables 

Yes, some tables wear aprons! Aprons are pieces of wood that extend right below the top surface of the table. Originally, these aprons were used to hold the legs but today, they are just used for aesthetic reasons. Farmhouse table tops come with designer aprons that give an artistic touch to the room. But longer aprons can poke thighs, so tall people should pay special attention to this ornamental design. You can either opt for lower chairs or completely get rid of this extra piece.

Look for Options with Leaves 

Leaves are extra wood planks that can be opened up to widen the table. Generally, the farmhouse style tables are leafless because of the hefty structure. But modern farmhouse designs are more versatile and can be projected further to accommodate more people. Make sure you opt for tables that have a clean folding cut and shouldn’t look ugly when opened.

So, before making any purchases, analyze the number of people that will use the table on a daily basis, and what is the maximum number of people the dining table can serve comfortably.

Study the Dining Area 

The most important step before buying a farmhouse table is to study the area well. Unlike glass and metal dining tables, barn wood tables are bulky, pricey, and needs a lot of commitment. So, prior to making any decisions, ensure that there is enough space in the dining room so a farmhouse table looks stylish and sophisticated.

While deciding the size of the table, keep in mind that one person requires almost two feet of dining space to eat comfortably. Additionally, make sure there is a 36-inches of a gap between the dining table and wall for chairs.

It is easy to fall in love with a farmhouse style table but they are notoriously large and very difficult to maneuver around. Once you invest in such a kind of table, it is almost impossible to swap them around in other rooms. Farmhouse tables need commitment and a lot of space!

Famish for a Flawless Finish 

With hardwood comes a whole lot of options and finishes. Explore all the possibilities with different polishes and staining choices. Medium, natural hue is the most popular finish as it enhances the wood’s natural grains and knots. You can also opt for a glossy or matte finish as a final touch. While matte is trending more right now, a glossy finish looks crisp and classic.

No matter what finish you opt for, adding a clear topcoat will make the table more durable and less susceptible to stains. It always recommended to use placemats and hot pads to avoid any marks. Avoid using cleaning chemicals to increase the life span of the table.

These were a few simple tips that you should keep in mind before buying a farmhouse style dining table.

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