Vintage Extra Large Cabinet Wall-Mounted Farmhouse Basket for Storage


The benefit of these farmhouse baskets is twofold; they provide storage for your kitchen items and help to add flair to your kitchen. They’re great for a farmhouse kitchen style. These baskets are designed specifically so that it’s easy to reach any of the items you need. The front end is lower than the back end so that you never have to dig through your stuff when you need it. It can hold groceries, extra hand towels, spare shower supplies, snacks, whatever it may be, it’s very handy. Carefully crafted wire ends and grid designs create a vintage farmhouse look that can complement any kitchen. The rustic look of the basket strikes a balance between traditional and modern, adding a quaint charm to any surface it graces. Your storage can act as decor for a chic and organized home. This basket is very versatile; they can be used anywhere. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, bedroom, laundry room, it’ll fit in anywhere. The basket is made of sturdy steel and supported by durable brackets so it can hold pretty much anything. The baskets were designed to be wall-mounted so that they can be placed anywhere. You can easily mount the basket to the wall with built-in brackets for an easy and straightforward installation. Add this to any wall for a simple storage solution.

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