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A Beginner’s Guide to Farmhouse Style Decor

Modern farmhouse design style has been in trend for quite some time now and it is here to stay! It is chic, comfortable, and loaded with character. Modern farmhouse decor is not only loved by interior designers, but there is a growing shift amongst homeowners who want to achieve a warm and inviting space. It is fairly easy to spot elements of this style in local restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs too. So, what makes farmhouse interiors so popular? Let’s find out!

What is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

Modern Farmhouse is an amalgamation of organic and minimalistic style. When you marry the rustic elements of farm-fresh ideas with a pureness of Scandinavian interior design style, the result is what we call modern farmhouse.

If you like casual spaces with a lot of personality and warmth, a modern farmhouse interior will blow your mind! It shares deep roots with natural materials and traditional pieces, therefore, invoking a sense of nostalgia. Combined with that, sleek elements of contemporary style make it even more welcoming and user-friendly.

Most of the family homes are increasingly focused on creating kids’ friendly spaces that are easy-going and modern farmhouse fills all the squares perfectly! That being said, it is not one of the styles that can be curated overnight. Modern farmhouse decor embraces a sense of kitsch, which means you cannot just go to one store and grab the entire product line! Stay away from matchy-matchy designer pieces when doing a modern farmhouse look.

To get the best of this style, it is recommended to infuse elements from old and new, thus curating a space that has a country vibe. Imagine, combining rustic elements to get a unique vibe while still having a modern spirit!

Another important aspect of the modern farmhouse style is practicality. Every piece serves a utilitarian purpose, which means absolutely no ornamentation and fluff!

If all this sounds too daunting to you, here is a brief guide on how to cultivate a modern farmhouse decor .

Key Elements of Modern Farmhouse Decor 

Before decorating any space in a modern farmhouse style, it is always recommended to build a roadmap. Identify the spaces you want to highlight and enlist the decor pieces you wish to introduce. Explore the major features of modern farmhouse decor and be creative while curating the space. Try to strike the perfect balance between country chic and minimal pieces.

Internet is filled with tons of farmhouse decor ideas, make sure you pick the best ones that resonate with your personality. Storage units and functional pieces are foreground for modern farmhouse design style and ensure that every fitment contributes to the style statement.

Engage yourself in creating a versatile palette of old-world charm and modern sleek pieces. Mix pieces from different eras and ditch the consistency.

Architectural Features 

Just like any other design style, architecture plays an important role in bringing out a modern farmhouse design. If you have a traditional house with bold elements, try to embrace those features by highlighting them. Don’t worry if your apartment has a boxy layout with contemporary design because you can always introduce faux exposed beams, pillars, shiplap, and hardwood floors to get an authentic farmhouse feel.

Materials Matter

Modern farmhouse embraces organic and natural materials. Create a unique mix of industrial metals, rustic woods, subtle marbles, and stones. Eliminate the use of glossy finishes and shiny surfaces. Instead, go for a matte or semi-gloss finish to get a natural look.

Nothing speaks modern farmhouse more than unfinished or stripped wood pieces. A stunning farmhouse decor idea is to introduce one massive dining table with exposed wood. Or you can incorporate several stripped wood pieces all around the room to get a cohesive space.

Colour Palette 

Taking inspiration from minimal, modern farmhouse features a subtle color palette with muted shades like sage, aqua, tan, crepe, and so on. White is usually prevalent, giving room for darker shades of wood and other materials to add the drama.

Using white walls as a canvas

Pure white walls act as a canvas and allow you to highlight the statement pieces. Since, modern farmhouse uses a lot of natural materials with rough textures, it is always recommended to have lighter shades to create a cozy space. Additionally, these heavy farmhouse furnishings can end up making the space look cramped and claustrophobic, so having plenty of light-colored elements will have a calming effect.

Introduce Stark Contrasts

While it is advised to keep a muted color palette, having moments of stark contrast will definitely help you pull up your design game. Mix the ups and downs of rich and relaxed elements to attain a soulful space.

Bring in interesting pieces from vintage shops and thrift stores to get the perfect modern farmhouse decor . Don’t shy away from extravagant pieces or over-the-top decor items.

Organic and Natural Fibres 

Natural materials like wood, linen, chunky knits, rug sacks, and hemp fabrics work best for modern farmhouse decor.

Natural fibres

It highly recommended to avoid unnatural materials like plastic altogether! Try to go for handcrafted pieces and adore the hand-me-down materials. Play around with organic fabrics and go natural with your picks!

Antique Furniture Pieces and Fixtures

From brushed sinks to antique chandeliers, there are plenty of ways to enhance the farmhouse look. Having unique pieces will add character to space and that is precisely what this style is all about! Even if you are not looking for a heavy commitment, changing the mundane fixtures like drawer handles and doorknobs will help you shape up the room.

Pre-owned pieces provide a special charm to the interiors too. Introduce rustic sconces and dramatic wood furniture pieces to embrace the modern farmhouse design style. And don’t worry if your thrift shop finds have scratches, celebrate those imperfections as they provide a unique charm. And, restrain yourself from going overboard with the decoration. Just a couple of decor items in a room works wonders!

These are some quick and easy tips to design your house in a modern farmhouse style. Remember, functionality takes a high stand in such interiors. Mix and match your favorite pieces to achieve the best look. Be creative and have fun!

Beginner's Guide to Farmhouse Decor

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