Lush Ruffle Bedspread for a Farmhouse Bedroom


This farmhouse bedspread is perfect for home decor enthusiasts who love the idea of a bright yet cozy farmhouse bedroom. It’s shabby with a feminine touch, a descriptor that captures the farmhouse aesthetic perfectly.

Coloured in with ivory tones, this bedspread is great because it’s harder to get dirty than a white bedspread, but it still lights up a room with its clean colour.

What’s more, its white colour will match all your bedroom decor. Its scruffy texture is ideal for a cozy bedroom with chic decor. Not only the texture, but the ruffled edge detail makes the bedspread a quaint addition to any bedroom.

Adding this farmhouse bedspread to any bedroom will make it more elegant and delicate, striking the perfect balance between scruffy and chic.

The bedding is lightweight, so in the spring and summer seasons you won’t be overheating in your sleep. It’s also 100% polyester – a light fabric that’ll make sure you’re not too warm nor too cold. The set includes a queen bedspread, and two matching shams that also have a ruffled skirt.

Adding pillows with matching shams is the perfect way to tie a room together. Falling onto a queen bed with this bedspread at the end of a long day sounds amazing. Not to mention that waking up to a gorgeous, elegant farmhouse bedroom is a dream. Adding this bedspread would be a dream come true.

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