Super Thick Soft Striped Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat for a Farmhouse Bathroom


This farmhouse bath mat is made of fabrics that you’ll want to feel between your toes while you brush your teeth, after a rejuvenating shower, or simply getting ready for the day. The set comes in a modest ivory colour and it’s soft to the touch.

The plush chenille bath mat set is thick and bushy, providing a comfortable, memory foam-like experience for your feet. The mats are designed to absorb water to keep your bathroom floor nice and dry. Adding these to your washroom decor is the perfect way to spruce it up for a farmhouse bathroom look.

These long-lasting, sturdy mats also have anti-slip features. Hot melt spray backing keeps the mats firmly in place and improves their durability. On top of all the logical aspects of the mats, they are a beautiful piece of decor. Subtle ivory tones and a bold touch of stripe patterning combine flawlessly in these farmhouse bath mats.

No matter how often you clean, the bathroom is guaranteed to get messy. Luckily, these mats are machine washable for when those spills happen. Unlike many other mats, these ones can be tumble-dried. These mats provide the ultimate bathroom comfort; they provide a cushion between your feet and the cold floor, they soak up water, as well as prevent mildew and mold.

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