Husband Makes Wife and Her Chickens a Chicken Coop Town


Although the she-shed may be the most popular backyard item for many wives, one husband decided to build a chicken coop town instead. He understood that his wife loved raising chickens, so he took the extra step of creating a chicken coop kit that resembled an old western town.

The coop itself has all the necessary functions that are expected. The difference is in the shape and use of other materials to create a model town based on the old west. The wife was more than pleased and the chicken coop has become something of a trend on social media.

Features of the Chicken Coop Town

At first glance, the chicken coop town has the appearance of a small, miniature western town that you expect to be build for kids in the backyard. There is a livery stable, saloon, jail, barn, mercantile, and water tower, the common features that you expect to find in an old west town. But what makes this chicken coop kit special is the tiny features that help bring it to life apart from the chickens themselves.

You’ll notice the details such as the keys in the door of the jail along with a wanted poster. The water tower which is complete with a rope to open the valve. There are images in the windows of the buildings showing chickens in various states.

The mercantile is single building that combines different stores much like a strip mall does today. In this chicken coop, each store has its own color to stand out from the rest.  There is even a makeshift corral where the signs are located indicating the locations of nearby towns.

The buildings are arranged along the sides of the fence, leaving an open area in the middle for the chickens to gather. And some of the buildings such as the saloon have doors which double as feeding places for the chickens. The dispersal of chicken feed into different areas keeps the chickens from gathering too much into a single place.

Chicken Coop Kit

So popular is the chicken coop town that you can base a kit off the various buildings that have been constructed. The designs are simple enough for almost anyone to duplicate. But the details are what makes this creation so special. The water tower for example provides real water for the chickens to drink.

The town is both beautiful and functional, providing a wonderful home for the chickens. And, it also has become the talk of the town which has inspired others to create their own unique displays in their backyards.

You can keep track of the chicken coop town on their Facebook page. You should know since the building of the chicken coop kit they have added a blacksmith shop as well. The blacksmith shop offers a place for chickens to gather under a roof which is perfect during inclement weather. Of course, whether the chickens themselves do any blacksmithing or other work in the town is up to the owner to say.


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